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Why do I need an accountant?

An accountant should be integral to your business. From guiding you through your tax planning and obligations, supporting and helping you manage your business strategy from year to year and helping you stay compliant with HMRC, we like to schedule regular meetings with clients to help give you a true understanding of where your business is at and where it is heading. Our services include the above plus VAT returns, company secretary services, payroll, management and financial reporting, bookkeeping and accounts. Our teams work closely with each other to provide you with an all-round service. Having gained a great deal of experience over time, we have a close working relationship with many other professionals offering human resources consultancy, financial advisors, public relations and brand design to name a few.


Isn’t it just larger businesses that need an accountant?

Even the smallest business can benefit from advice on ways to minimise tax and manage their accounts. If you prefer, we can handle all of your regular management accounts and VAT returns on your behalf. The added benefit of us being involved is it makes the final accounts much easier, saving time and keeping costs down.

Is it expensive to use an accountant?

Working with an accountant is an added cost to any business. However, the cost should be offset by the value they add. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. By getting to know you and your business well, we can tailor what we do specifically for your needs and your strategy, thereby adding value.

How do you charge?

We aim to provide you with a fixed fee quote that will cover the areas we will work on together. This will be based on the complexity and volume of the tasks involved. Should any additional assignments come up during the year then we can provide a quote in advance, unless the matter is urgent and it is in your best interests to take action on your behalf. We offer you the chance to pay our fees monthly and avoid having a large invoice in one go, which helps your cash flow. One thing is for sure, if you telephone with a query you won’t get a bill. We want you to let us know how you are.

Can I maintain my own accounting records?

If you want to keep your own accounting records, that is no problem. If you need some help then we can give you some training. Ensuring that you understand the best way to prepare your accounting information makes it easier for us to complete your accounts or tax return. If we do this for you then you can concentrate on running your business.

I’ve been up and running for a couple of years. How can you help me?

Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business. We will listen to you to firstly understand the history of the business and then how you want to develop it. We can carry out a ‘health check’ of the operating systems, management and financial reporting in place; advise on any matters arising and recommend any actions required. All designed to match up with your goals, which we established at the outset.

My business is growing rapidly. What can I do to keep control and maintain the quality of service?

It is hard for one person to maintain control, especially when a business is growing fast. Implementing robust operational and quality systems together with the right organisational culture is required. We can help you to devise systems and develop your team to maintain the high standards you have set.

I never hear from my accountant until my year end is due. Why is this?

Some accountants are more proactive than others. We believe in keeping in regular contact with clients. We are always at the end of the telephone for calls or emails as and when required and will happily book you in for a chat when you need us face to face. This leaves little room for surprises and we can guide you during the year.

I’m not really that financially minded. Why do accountants use so much jargon?

They don’t mean to, but perhaps they haven’t spent enough time getting to know how you communicate. We aim to make things simple and explain things to you in a way that appeals to you so that you keep control of your financial results than being lost in a haze of jargon.

Can you save me tax?

When you become a client we will thoroughly discuss with you and ensure that you are maximising available tax relief and savings where appropriate. It would be foolish to give away something you are entitled to, wouldn’t it? We will also consider any changes that occur and how they affect your business.

Can you help me grow my business?

Yes. Having discussed your business and established your goals, we can develop a strategy for growth. This will be different for all businesses, but will take into account all the resources available or to be acquired in the business and where they are best employed. Growing a business or managing any change also involves leadership and communication with your team.

Aren’t management accounts or forecasts only for larger businesses?

All businesses, big or small need to know how they are performing on a regular basis. Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and it is vital to manage this well. Regular management reporting will make it easier at the end of the year when compiling the final accounts as there is less room for surprises.

Can you help me raise finance?

Yes. The current financial climate is hard, but we can assist you with preparing a business plan and financial projections to give you the best chance of securing funds.

I’m worried about all the deadlines that I have to meet. Can you look after these for me?

A fundamental part of an accountant’s role is assisting you to make sure your business is compliant with all the financial rules and regulations. We build these deadlines into our schedule and will be thinking on your behalf. If we are completing your VAT returns for example, we will make sure you have the results to approve well in time for online submission.

How easy is it to change accountants?

If you like us and believe that we can form a successful partnership then changing to us is the right thing to do for your business. It is in fact very simple to change accountant. We will guide you through the process making it as easy as possible.

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