Summer 2017 Newsletter

on Thursday, 29 June 2017.

The summer newsletter, covering a range of latest financial news

Budget Summary 2016

on Tuesday, 20 September 2016.

Budget Summary 2016

The budget summary for 2016 is here...

Swings and roundabouts on employment allowance

on Friday, 02 September 2016.

The employment allowance was set at £2,000 for the first two years of its existence. For 2016/17...

Looking good for capital gains tax

on Thursday, 25 August 2016.

The capital gains tax (CGT) measures announced in the March Budget are generally good news for investors...

Advisory fuel rates

on Thursday, 04 August 2016.

The latest update to HM Revenue & Custom’s advisory fuel rates, effective from 1 March 2016, sees reductions...

What’s under the Panama hat?

on Thursday, 28 July 2016.

The revelations in early April about offshore companies and investment funds based in Panama have turned the spotlight on tax...

Budget Summary 2015

on Friday, 15 July 2016.

The budget summary of 2015 is here..

Right to rent check comes into force

on Tuesday, 12 July 2016.

If you are a residential property landlord, you should be aware that you are now required to check...

Lower exemption for employee shareholders

on Monday, 04 July 2016.

Although employee-shareholder style contracts have not been widely used by rank and file employees, they have been...

PAYE: a warning and an opportunity

on Tuesday, 12 April 2016.

Payrolling has become an increasingly popular way for employers to pay the tax due on employee benefits.

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